In the process of deciding what to do next, I started some mockups for new content, mainly thinking in some enemies but could be anything.

To recap, the idea of the game is something like an anomaly from a different universe is trying to get into this one by materializing through some elements in asteroids.


Considering that, some elements could be are spawners from the void that could spawn both enemies or new terrain. For example:


These are enemies that fire bolts or rays to the ship from the terrain or from space itself.

One idea is that Ship loses some resources when it gets hit, and some enemies could absorb minerals too. For example these ones:

There there are other enemies that walk through the terrain and jump to the ship, can just die on hit or maybe attach themselves to the ship, doing damage over time.

That was it, just some mockups + ideas for next things to do mainly thinking in enemies but some generic mechanics arise.

Thanks for reading.